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I was given this travel mug for Christmas. Tonight, after drawing it, I got out a brush and let myself paint stylized flames and color around it. I'm not sure why, but it felt like the right thing to do as I went along. One color led to another, and then, just as suddenly as I'd started, I was ready to stop. So I did.


Ooh, maybe it's a midlife thing. Next thing you know, you'll be painting stylized flames on whatever vehicle you carry that travel mug in ...

Laura, that is a good one...and you might be right!

I was just going to say, ...and it looks like you just know intuitively when to stop each and every sketch! Wonderful!

there is an artist named william butler who's niche is coffee, and he flames them out all the time, very styalized ( that isn't spelled right is it? )

Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan

dancing coffee or tea's perfect as is.

I think it's beautiful. I love the bursts of color.

Mmmm ... hot flaming coffee on a cold day ... that's what this makes me feel. Always beautiful!

Big Daddy Roth Travel Mug. Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby Travel Mug. Rat Fink Travel Mug. Oh, yes.

I love this!! It reminds of a rather gruff ol' fellow I used to work with, who, when attempting to describe the view through a thermal imaging infrared scope declared, "It's amazing! You can just SEE them son-b@tchin' heat rays comin' off stuff!".

I too, can see the rays! :)

Oh, my. The comments are the best part of this entry - think I'll have to set more objects among imaginary flames.



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