A view of the Oakland neighborhood in Pittsburgh, as seen from a rooftop parking lot in the East Liberty area, near sunset.


Me gusta lo que haces, estoy tratando de llegar a eso. te invito a conocer mi humilde blog en el que he citado tu página por considerarla excelente. gracias. Raquel Beltramino. Córdoba. Argentina.

amazing! the marks made by the water in the clouds make for a really nice effect

According to Babelfish, what she said was . . .

It pleases me what beams, I am trying to arrive at that I invite to you to know my humble blog in which I have mentioned your page to consider it thanks excellent. Raquel Beltramino. Cordova. Argentina.

Not knowing Spanish, I guess she's saying she likes what she sees and has mentioned you in her blog.

This makes me homesick.

i love this image...realy realy good.



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