Two kernels of popcorn. Like snowflakes, each one seems different.


I think each one is different - isn't that amazing? Each unique, yet each also belonging. . . .

That's what I like so much about drawing. It really helps you see the one thing right in front of you.

I continue to enjoy your drawings and your pithy prose. Thanks!

I'd never seen them that way ... thank you for that, - now I'll never look at a piece of popcorn the same again! :)

I have really come to look forward to seeing your work every day.

I too look forward to your postings. It is the ordinary that fastinates me. I try to think of things to draw but now realize they have been in front of me all the time. I have been trying to do one a day also, sort of a new year resolution.

Like Mithi, I had never looked so closely at kernels of popped popcorn. But hereafter . . .



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