pomegranate seeds



Five, and not six, because they arranged themselves better on the page. I don't know how Persephone was able to resist eating more of them - I have trouble stopping.


I just learnt something. I don't know anything about pomegranates. Never really saw one till my friend gave me some to draw. Certainly didn't know you could eat the seeds. But I have one in the fridge and I'm going right now to try. And Persephone is my cat's breeder.

I have just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. The simplicity of these are so appealing and interesting. I will be visiting often.

As for pomegranates...I feel the same way...how do you stop eating them? :)

I discovered you from a search on Wendell Berry, and wow, am I so happy! This is an enchanting space. Your drawings are simply wonderful, and well, simple! Which I love...

You are very talented!

Will visit again soon...and I love the Berry poem you posted, and what you said about what Donald Hall said!


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