not decaf



And not such a good idea, especially with west-to-east jet lag. My dear husband is not saying, "I told you so," but perhaps that's because he's asleep. This mug full of coffee means home to me, and I couldn't resist.


A lovely mug. No time to draw the donut I picture just beyond the edge of the journal?

Glad you're home safe. Sounds like a nightmare of travel time though...

Elizabeth, I just love the way you place things on the page. How deliberate is that decision, or do you just more or less start drawing where your pen or brush touches the page?

A happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year to you and yours, and once again, thank you for your inspiring example!

Thank you all.

WR - there can be no doughnut, unless it is someone else's doughnut. I'm still less than a week into New Year's resolutions, and haven't caved yet!

Cate - thanks. Placement is quite deliberate - I get as interested in playing with the spaces around a drawing as in the drawing itself.

"I get as interested in playing with the spaces around a drawing as in the drawing itself."
What does that mean???? Do you write on the journal pages after you draw? Do you draw MORE around them? I've been wondering about the placement of your drawings as well... and that you usually draw on the right-side only.

Sorry if I wasn't clear, Catherine. I like white space a lot, and like to think about the shape of the white space on the page. I don't write or draw in it afterwards, or if I do, you'll see that writing on the page when I photograph it for the blog. Someone once spoke about a drawing happening on both sides of a line, and I try to keep that in mind when I'm working. As for placement, well, I'm left-handed, so that may incline me to draw more on the right page than the left, so I don't have to worry about dragging my hand through the drawing as I go along.



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