In through the window, out around the back, back through the window, and off jumps Jack!*

My daughter learned to knit today - she's been asking for months, and today we went to the yarn store in our neighborhood, bought her some kid-sized needles and bulky yarn. She picked a variegated ball of magenta, turquoise, and green, and is already going strong - wanted to stay up late tonight in order to knit more. (Hmm... wonder where she gets that from?) I got myself some beautiful Regia washable wool sock yarn, which knits up in stripes. Lots of fun on a gray and chilly Saturday afternoon.

*That's how I remembered the rhyme when I was teaching her - I've since found other versions online.


As I knitter, I think that is an awesome sketch. You even have the variations of the ribbon yarn perfect!


I love your sketch. The colors and the relationships are wonderful. I think maybe you should get your daughter a sketchbook, too! It sounds as though she is following in her mother's footsteps! How exciting for you! It sounds as though it was a very special day for you and your daughter.

I am a lifelong knitter and teacher of knitting and when I read the beginning of your post I just smiled! WHat a lovely thing to teach your daughter. I taught mine when she was 5 and now she is teaching others, too.

Just yesterday at worked I taught another person to knit...and I used this rhyme:

Under the fence, catch the sheep, back again and off she leaps!

Wonderful sketch, you captured the yarn's soft fuzzy warmth nicely - I love to knit but I choose sketching more often. Good for you and your daughter to do this together.

I've definitely been thinking of taking up knitting. Now you've added a bit more inspiration. No doubt I'll reach a critical mass at some point and finally begin. We have a fabulous yarn store, Websters, here in Ashland, OR.As tempting as a candy store.

What a great job getting the soft texture of the yarn! I don't know how you did that, but it looks like I could touch it and it would feel like yarn. I still have the coaster that I knitted over time at your Winebiddle apartment, from dark blue wool with turquoise flecks that you gave me.

This is so wonderful... I stumbled over this page a week or so ago and I am always filled with awe when I look at your pictures... I don't know why, but they make one feel happy, even on a grey and cold January afternoon. ;)

Many, many greetings from Germany,
Julia =)

I tried to comment on this one the other day, but something wasn't co-operating. Hoping for better luck this time. I love the colours of the wool, the shape of the ball, and the wonderful shadows.

I taught my daughter to knit this winter too. She is a 4 generation knitter now. Beautiful post.



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