after dessert



Blind contour drawing of dish and spoon when I'd finished eating my yoghurt. Then added color where it felt right.


Before reading the caption, I thought you experienced an egg disaster. :)

I've been visiting every day and am so inspired by what you find to draw. My son and I have started drawing together, but he thinks he's not 'an artist' because he never has any ideas about what to draw. I explained to him that I didn't have ideas, either, until I started visiting your site. Then I realized it didn't matter WHAT I drew as much as that I practiced something every day. I love to show him your sketches... it validates for him the possibility of being an artist, because ideas are everywhere!
Thank you!

Your work is so lovely and inspiring. It is great to be clicking around and stumble on something as delightful as this.

Thank you all - and Catherine, the story of you and your son drawing together makes me so happy!

I really love your use of space - especially the pages with simple objects.

Also, the book looks lovely. Did you make it? How large is it? What paper? Sorry for all the questions but you are suggesting a good path to follow.

I, too, thought it was an egg at first. I love blind contour! I'd forgotten that's what you call it.



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