sleeping on the flight



Headed for a family reunion holiday to honor my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. We are gathering in Hawai'i, on the island of Kaua'i - everyone in three generations. The plane trips were long, but not impossible. We slept, read, and talked. My daughter and I drew and painted, and wound up having a couple of good conversations about watercolor and materials with the flight's Purser - when she's not working, she lives on Oahu and paints.

(The internet connection where I am seems to come and go - this morning I was able to post, get email, and so on... I tell myself to let that be another aspect of the relaxation of my vacation. Some times I'll be able to post, perhaps some days I won't. Expect a full catch-up and the more regular posting rhythm to return in the new year.)


Hi Elizabeth,
i just found your blog via Yum Yum Cafe where you mentioned liking fractions of things. Now that I see your sketches, I understand (and see ) how very interesting is a bit of something showing at the bottom of the page. You drawing simply delights me. I'll be back to spend more time here.

Blessings on your holiday celebration,

Sharry, thanks for your kind words and good wishes.

Great contour drawing.

Excellent study. Whenever I fly I think that I will draw but find the partial back of the head uninspiring. You have a better eye and made the view interesting.

Stumbled across your blog on Laketrees. Congratulations on your top artist blog. Well-deserved I must say. You have some wonderful works here!



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