sleeping - a study



Line and wash. Looking at the shadows. Listening to the furnace rumble and then stop. Footsteps upstairs. The clock. Quiet.


I read about your blog in the PG article, and I wanted to let you know how much I now enjoy receiving your sketches daily in my e-mailbox!
AND in today's mail, I found the copy of your book Think Cool Thoughts that I'd ordered from Amazon.
ALSO, when you sketched the view from Border's window, I showed the sketch to my daughter who works at Borders and she showed it to the manager and others who work there - they enjoyed seeing that your inspiration that day had come to you while sitting in their cafe!
I couldn't figure out if there is a way to e-mail you directly, without "going public" - so the option I could find was to send a comment via your blog - though it doesn't specificially relate to this particular sketch.

Oh, Cheryl, thank you so much!

I have contact information posted (over in the sidebar there's a link) and you are welcome to email me directly ANY time.

Tell your daughter that I love having a Border's walking distance from my house - such luxury.

Great blog! Loved the visit.



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