I don't think of green bell pepper as having a particularly strong smell, but if you are sitting beside one for more than a moment, you notice it.


I love the strong dark tones of this one, it really brings it to life. I'm struggling with watercolour and have yet to find a way of getting those lovely darks.

whoa! what a gorgeous shadow!

yah - one does indeed notice a strong green pepper smell - especially when one hates green peppers as much as I do! People used to think I was nuts when I'd say I couldn't stand the smell. . . . [grin]

Tastebuds aside, I - too - wanted to comment on your lovely rich shades in this painting! And as the smell doesn't convey, I'm rather enjoying being in the vicinity of this particular pepper.

Thanks, all.

Jess - part of the secret to the intense darks is that I'm using gouache rather than watercolor - it's opaque, so the paint can be layered diferently, I find.



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