frigate bird - 27 December



Went on an excursion north to the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, part of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. We went to the Allerton Garden yesterday. Both were beautiful. (It's amazing to travel with a brother who is a botanist - his friends show us the most spectacular things...) Today I was with a group including a young nephew and younger niece, so took photos since I could not stop to draw or paint. On the way home again, we stopped at Kilauea Point Lighthouse, where you can walk out along the top of the cliff and see Frigate Birds and Red-Footed Boobies soaring on the updrafts. It's a bird sanctuary, with albatross nesting areas, and Nene wandering around, and the conversation of tourists is drowned out in the roar of waves crashing against the red cliff faces.

(I've gotten back online for a moment to post these images - still trying to fix the wireless router to get more reliable access - Thank you all for the wonderful comments and warm wishes. I hope you are having a splendid holiday season.)


I really love your use of the page and your experimental approach.

Love just the slightest suggestion of clouds in the background in this. Sounds like a perfect vacation!



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