clementine, gone



Everyone is under one roof tonight, as the holidays approach. So much to be grateful for, not least of which are sweet clementines.


this is great! How did you create that texture on the right? It looks a little glossy light and actual clemantine.

The texture is created by being impatient and taking a photo while the paint is still wet! It's made by the reflection from the flash. (Digital secrets revealed...)

Your drawings are wonderful. I think this one is my favourite. You are using a sketchbook with hand-torn pages, and I am wondering what the paper is.

Hi, Wendy. The paper is a printmaking paper called Lenox 100. Very affordable, and seems to stand up to whatever I throw at it, while being smooth enough for pen and ink.

I haven't heard of that particular paper but I will see if it is available here. I am just starting a new Stonehenge sketchbook , but I have made a BFK Rives one as well. I love the Rives paper, as it is reasonable with wet media.

BTW I love the way you place things on the page. I am struggling with finding a way to compose the pages in my sketchbook. At present I am filling up pages with text, but I must say I like your more minimalist way.



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