candy cane



Was given a candy cane by a neighbor when we were out caroling tonight. 22 degrees (F) so we only stayed out an hour or so - but what fun to surprise people with music on a dark and gusty night.


Lovely to think of people carrying on the caroling tradition. We used to do caroling when we were children. Do many people still carol in your neighbourhood?

What was on your caroling playlist?

Lia, not many people carol - I think it's usually just our group - but we are welcomed with cookies and requests for particular favorites.

Laura, most of our music was traditional carols, along the lines of Joy to the World (not the 3 Dog Night version, either, though we tried that at one point...) and The First Nowell. This is great for me, because I know multiple verses to most of the old carols, and don't have to break out the reading glasses and flashlight, as I would if we sang White Christmas and Frosty the Snowman.

perfect dunked in a cup of hot chocolate....



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