a new month



For the first few days of any month, I miss carrying the old month's sketchbook around with me - while the new book is mostly blank, waiting. I was thinking about that feeling and decided to draw the new sketchbook inside itself tonight.


Such a common feeling for me. It takes me more than 10-12 pages before I bond with the next volume.

You may have this information somewhere on your blog - but can you tell us again about your journals? I'm assuming that you bind them yourself - what size? type of paper? etc How do you get such great photos of an open book?

Last evening I sat down and wrote in all the appointments and holiday celebrations on a new calendar page.
It sure beats looking through the pile of notes and cards and bulletins waiting for this major occurrence.

I dunno what I'd do if once upon a time I had decided to do a drawing a day along with all these other events.
Please notice my awestruck salute.

And please, keep the pictures acomin'

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Thank you both.

Shirley, a while ago I made a post about my materials - http://www.elizabethperry.com/woolgathering/archives/001484.html
- and I just take regular old digital snapshots of the book, and fix the contrast in PhotoShop, if I need to.



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