The furnace fan has a loud and steady rattle, and it accompanies Cole Porter on the stereo like an industrial percussion section, and then suddenly it's silent and the music sails forth alone.


These are great! Sorry if you've posted this elsewhere, but I was just curious what sort of rules/parameters (besides one per day) you set up for this project. Do you have to do these within a certain time frame? Do you start with pencil or something more permanent?

The simple discription of the atmosphere adds to the feeling of this painting.

This is stunning - like a children's book illustration from a lost era. Charming and romantic and a little sad - just like Mr. Porter, I suppose.

Thank you all.

Jared, I generally just plunge in with whatever materials appeal to me on a given day. Sometimes, if a drawing involves perspective, I'll do some rough sketching in pencil first, but since no drawing is at the top of the blog for more than a day - I like to push myself to take chances, make mistakes, and see what happens. It's great fun to let go of the need to control all the elements, and to be willing to let a drawing go badly, if that's the direction it takes.



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