cookie on the horizon



If you hold a homemade cookie at eye level, it becomes a mysterious island.


A dessert island, no doubt...

(So sorry. Couldn't resist.)

It was nice seeing and talking to you again. :)

I'd like to climb that chocolate chip mountain - love this

and love the dessert island comment :)

Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan

See, now that's why I keep coming back to your site. You take such an unique approach to your subjects ... It's like you see the world differently from the rest of us, but your way is cooler.

I second Karen's comment - I love seeing the world through your eyes.

Clever design but ... only one cookie left?
They must have been good as well as shapely.

Thank you all.

And the cookies were very good indeed. This one shifted from desert to dessert as soon as I was done with the picture.



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