winter squash



I'm not sure of the variety, but it's shaped like a small pumpkin, about five inches in diameter, and has green and cream dappled stripes with one splash of orange on it, as if an absent-minded painter had been passing through the field on the way to the pumpkins.

We might get a frost in the city tonight - we've started up the furnace for the first time this season.


the orange background is such a vivid one!

Great watercolor as usualy.

This is what I hope to wear should I ever play the central role in a coronation.

I guess it's time to fess up. I've been lurking on your blogsite for quite a while.

I love your pictures, and really look forward to seeing whatever's next.

thanks so much for the wonderful pictures.


Yours looks like a true 'green striped cushaw'- google it and check the photos.



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