painting-a-month update


The Painting A Month project continues, with June's landscape now posted.

(For those of you new to my website, back in December the DIY home improvement and design community at offered a contest in which you were to tell them how you'd spend a $200 Amazon gift certificate. I wrote that since my daily drawings and paintings are all in bound journals, I can't hang them on the wall very easily. I proposed to spend the money on painting supplies and canvases and to paint twelve small paintings, one each month, for a year. To my delight, I won.)


hey... that´s really cool. neat idea and congrats that you won with it.

congrats on winning! I can't wait to see your twelve small paintings.

Hey Liz! Congratulations! Wow, that is fantastic! I can't wait to see your monthly paintings! Woohoo!



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