before the concert



The conference is full of energy bubbling over into conversations, connections, and genuine enthusiasm for what each person brings to the place. It was hard to make space in the day to just sit and look, let alone draw - but after all the sessions were completed, we went up to the roof terrace at the end of the Navy Pier, where Christine Kane gave us the amazing present of a short concert. This gesture sketch let me catch the moment when I saw her sitting on stage, looking down, before she began. Was she reading? meditating? She seemed so still, so intent, a quiet center in the swirl of conversation and energy. Later, when I asked, she said she had been putting together her set list, but it was a moment of presence, of concentration, which caught my attention and prepared me for the music to come.


Oh, sure wish I had been there!

Wish you'd been there, too.

Maybe next year...


This is amazing, and captures her perfectly. Have you shown it to her?

Thanks, Carmen! Christine came over and checked out what I'd been doing, right before she began. (That's how I found out she'd been writing her set list.)

And what fun to have met you at BlogHer - your panel was an inspiring one.

i watched you sketch this...interesting feeling seeing it posted here...took me right back to the moment...was wonderful to meet you and glad you had safe journey home!



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