beach grass



Painted at the beach this morning. Rain held off until after supper. The sound of rain on the water after dark is so peaceful. Think I left the beach towels on the line, though.


The colors and tones in this are beautiful, Elizabeth.

Thank you. What a wonderful drawing to take with me to work this morning. If only I can find the peace is so well portrays.

Can i join you there? this looks so peaceful! (mostly i'm writing to say that we have to find each other at blogher - okay? (we have to plan the workshop we'll be presenting one day!) will you be there on thursday night? are you staying at the W? inquiring minds want to know!)

Thank you all so much. We are staying at my parents' house in Massachusetts for the next few weeks - blissful to be by the shore and with so much family.

Christine - I'm sharing a room at the City Center, and will be at the BlogHer get together on Thursday night. Let's find each other there, and make plans!

What a lovely watercolour! Makes me feel like I should be somwhere a long way from London....

Thanks for the mention re the Turner Colour and Line link.

I keep coming back to this picture! And the caption.. think I left the beach towels on the line. There's something about those things together that helps me breathe. I think it's all those summers, running out at the first sign of rain to grab the clothes off the line. I just recently put up a clothesline where I live -- what took me so long? I love it, love everything about hanging out clothes. Including rushing out in the rain...



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