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A powerful thunderstorm with high winds swept through town right before supper. Water blew so hard across the front porch that it appeared white, and you couldn't see through it. Our old house floors shook with the thunder. The worst of the downpour didn't last long, though. Lights blinked, but we kept power. And after dinner, we went for a walk with some of the kids in the neighborhood to see what had happened. This tree was down across an alley a block from our house. Part of the crown was on another neighbor's garage, but from the street we couldn't tell if there was any significant damage. (To the garage, that is.) Caution tape kept people away from any downed wires. A neighbor walking her dog said there had been fire along one of the wires, and that she had called the fire trucks to put it out. Other trees were down, and we went to look at them, then stopped by the playground on the way home. The sun doesn't set until nearly nine, and we are keeping vacation hours. The storm has also broken the heat, and it is pleasant to be outside again.


Sounds like it was pretty wild! The drawing adds to the whole story, glad your home was ok.

Great sketch (as always) and thanks for the warning, I know they are coming our way!

Haven't been around for a while and its a pleasure to catch up with your blog. Can't believe the museum drawing project is coming to an end - If only I were in the States, would have definitely joined you on Saturday ... have a great time!



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