new phone



My first cell phone. Really. Now if only AT&T would activate it... but the site seems to be backed up, and tells me to wait for an email. Hope to be up and running tomorrow morning.

[Update: 8 a.m. Activation complete! And thanks to the Post-Gazette for the link and video interview. Happy weekend, everyone.]


Jealous. So very, very jealous.

wow. not bad. people here have to wait until october for the iphone.

wow. not bad. people here have to wait for the iphone until october.

Always enjoy your posts, especially scenes around da Burgh. [I spent 2 years at PPC. This was before the Jenkins Arcade was razed, the bridge still went to nowhere and everybody was talking about Skybus.]

Nice! I am also jealous but more of your sketchbook 8-) as always.

Your patience has paid off. It is not often in life that you can jump in to a new technology with the creme de la creme.

I love this posting. The interplay between the drawing (which is beautiful) and the text is really creative and playful. Thank you for another great posting.

GREAT sketches (no surprise there) and Great Phone - let us know if it is easy to use!



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