They have never seen the inside of a refrigerator. They scent the room. They taste like nothing else. By the time I got to them the quart was half empty and people asked me to finish my sketch so that they could eat more.


Mmmm. Is it just me, or do the strawberries seem especially good this year? I usually don't like them, and the ones I got on Saturday sucked, but the previous two quarts I bought were amazing.

I luv this piece, very pretty, simple yet unique. Thi sis the first time I've stumbled across yoru blog, a great find. Keep the creative energy flowing :)

Oooo, are those farmshare strawberries? I'm not doing the farmshare this year, but dear God, the strawberries last year were transcendent.

Also the blueberries.

(And if they're not farmshare strawberries, where can I buy some? :-)

this is one of the most addicting blogs i've seen...love the delicate drawings and descriptions!! thanks for posting...

The strawberries come from our CSA farmshare box. This week's letter from the farmer said that the particular combination of dry days and rain, cool and heat we've had this year has led to these perfectly intense-tasting berries. They are good.



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