five minutes at the beach



We put our toes into the Atlantic before leaving Myrtle Beach on Monday afternoon for the drive back to Pittsburgh.


One of my favorite photos is of me, my oldest when he was an only, and a friend and her son, all completely, soaking wet fully clothed at Myrtle Beach. We had decided to say goodbye to the ocean, and would be there for just 5 minutes, and we wouldn't get wet before the trip home. LOL We're all *beaming* in the photo.

I really like this one. Well done!

Great sketch, I can't believe you did it in 5 minutes. Wonderful!

Caren, what a great story!

Genine - the skeetch was really done in pen and ink in five minutes at the beach, and then later I was able to brush on the color when we were waiting at the stoplights on Rte. 501, headed out of town.

You've really captured the seaside atmosphrere here.

Your daily sketches remind me of the time I was drawing each morning while reading The Artist's Way. I like that you add colour, too.



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