Almost flat. Almost gone.


can't see the drawing, just the caption!

Hmm. Shows up fine on both Mac and PC using the Firefox browser. If other people are having the same problem, would you let me know in a comment or via email? Thanks.

And of course if we can't find any other solution, I can always revert to my standard tech support question: "Have you tried restarting your computer?"


HI Elizabeth;

Your website is just charming and a bright spot in my day. I am an oil painter who started out in w/c but found it too challenging although like to do it on trips -- easier to transport than oils and keeps the creative juices going.

I have told so many people about your journal work and am inspired to do the same thing myself but am always making excuses. I admire your discipline.

I can 't seem to pull up "Seltzer" but also enjoyed this excuse to e-mail you.

Best regards,
Alice Morison
San Mateo, California

Maybe not being able to see the sletzer picture is a california thing? Or maybe it's an internet explorer thing.

Hmm. I don't know. For what it's worth, I re-uploaded the image last night. Internet gremlins, I guess. Thanks for trying!

Hi, Alice - thanks for your kind words. For me, the drawing every day is less a discipline, and more a treat - kind of like chocolate...

HI Elizabeth:
looking the world from your painting. I just amazing to find the uncompleted is so beautiful.
a chinese boy like drawing

Love your site.

By the way, I also couldn't see the drawing from my feed reader (Google Reader), but I was able to see it when I hopped over to your site. So, it might just have something to do with your feed, or specific to Google Reader. It's just this one post. All other posts are fine.



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