plastic bag



Crumpled on the floor. Can I pretend it is a beautiful, cloud-like shape, drifting into my angle of vision? Maybe if it was all white. The red and blue print are distinctly un-cloudlike, and mark it as a husk of some purchase, now forgotten.


Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. Many days I'm writing to my own mind w/o being aware of who is reading. Your site is a killer and one I would like to link to...your visuals are fleeting snapshots, impressions of movement. Wow. You have a lot in common with Richard Hernandez...his posting of "trains" has much the same feel - it is the mood/emotion of the story he is attempting to pass on.

très beau...belles aquarelles, et surtout très belle mise en page sur les doubles pages de carnets....
I'can't say it simply in a correct english....

Cyndy - thanks - especially for the link to Richard Hernandez. Lots of inspiration there.

jalexis - merci, je pense que votre anglais est meilleur que mon Français.



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