eight hundred days



Eight hundred days later, and I am still looking at my hand.

The other day I was asked why I blog. This is why. And this. And this and this and this (among other days). I can make pictures like these for myself now, and when I began, I could not.

Without a daily rhythm and the daily practice I would not have learned what I have in eight hundred days. Eight hundred days from now I don't know what my life will be like, but I imagine I will still be drawing, and sharing mistakes and discoveries and small bits of my life here every day. Thank you. My way of seeing has changed. My community has grown. I'm profoundly grateful.


It has been a delight to accompany you, with your drawer's mind. How else, but through blogging, could we travel this journey together? Thank you.

And I'm grateful for blog archives as well. I picked up with your journey in March 05. If I didn't know the earlier drawings, these would intimidate me and make me think it was all about your talent and nothing about dailiness or practice! Thanks for all of it.

No, thank you. I really enjoy my visits here.

The entry from March 5, 2006 is one of my all time favorites -- so I think you should include that one on your list! :-)
It's been great to read your blog, with it's beautiful artwork and absolute consistency. You are an inspiration!

Those are some of the best reasons I've ever seen for blogging. Wonderful! Missed browsing through daily while I was away on travel. Am happy to be able to return to your daily beauties!

I wandered into your space and am delighted with the beautiful watercolors. I love blood oranges also for their color but they really aren't that sweet. -Lemons aren't either. Sometimes the best things in life are a bit tart! :)



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