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Went out to try to see the eclipse tonight. We drove around the city, talking and listening to the radio, and thinking about unobstructed eastern views. Homewood Cemetery was locked up, but across the street and up the hill, the Smithfield East End Cemetery was un-gated. Some conversation from the back seat about zombies and the full moon in a cemetery. The front seat pointed out that an eclipsed moon should not be counted as full... and we found a good spot on the winding drive. Heavy cloud cover meant that we only caught a brief glimpse, and it was cold enough that we decided to head home after ten or fifteen minutes. By the time we were able to see anything, the totality had passed, so our glimpse was mostly the edge of the reappearing bright moon. However, our older son arrived home for spring break tonight and was in the plane during the eclipse - so he saw it well. Very dark orange - almost not visible, he said.

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I saw it through the trees in my back yard and tried to take a photo but my camera just couldn't do it - though I think one of them has a spot of orange in it (even if you can't tell what it is)



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