doctor's appointment



One of those moments in between the moments that require attention. I was waiting to hear whether my younger son had broken or sprained his foot. (Sprained - no cast necessary.)


Oh, the patience -- and some other things I can't quite name -- suggested in your careful drawing of those dangling coils.

Beautiful drawing. I am becoming quite a fan. :)

And good news about your son's ankle!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work Elizabeth.
It's so important to see the loveliness of the everyday- you have such a gentle perspective. Cheers!

Ooh, I'm glad there was no cast needed. I hope his sprain gets better soon (they can be as aggravating as a break.) Meanwhile, you did a good job here of staying in the moment.

Thanks for the good wishes. (The patient has discovered that crutches are not QUITE as much fun as he once imagined, but otherwise he is doing well, and on the mend.)



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