Blue sky today and warmer. I was walking past a neighbor's yard and noticed purple crocuses and other little flowers (wild tulips?) opening in the straw-colored lawn. Did not get out to my own backyard to see what's happening there...


Elizabeth I have just looked at your, why you blog, and yes, my stuff isnt as lovely as yours, but I can see such an improvement in what I have done, and it gives me a sense of achievement, I dont really care if any one else sees it or not, but the comments are a high, sometimes in a low and hard day.
I love your stuff, sometimes just a few very evocative lines and at other times a fantastic thing with full details.
A wonderful thing this blogging, so many lovely people to visit.

Il love the way you use thes pages of your notebook : a lot of white space, something on the border (?) in a corner...
Do you make this notebook by yourself, or do you find it ?

How lucky you are to have crocuses. I saw my first robin on Sunday. That really cheered me as these crocuses did you! Love your paintings. I stop by now and then for inspiration.

Thank you all so much.

Penny, your work is a continuing inspiration to me.

jalexis, thanks. I make my own notebooks - and wrote about the process and my other materials in September:

Robyn, today we had snow! But an early robin left tracks for me to draw today.



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