Essential furnishing for any dining room. When a question arises over dinner, you don't have to go online to check it out.


Yes, essential furnishing. I keep contemplating moving the encyclopedia there too. It's in the next room which is quite unconvenient.

But I have heard that there are people who never have to look something up during dinner. Strange, eh?

Yeah, who are those people, Susanne?

In my house, the dictionary was right over Dad's chair. Whenever a question arose, he would read us not only the entries relevant to what we had been discussing, but also whatever interesting words happened to catch his eye while he was thumbing to the correct page. If you look up the word in an online dictionary, you miss half the fun.

I love this--both your drawing and the need for a dictionary in your dining room.

I thought the dictionary meant that a great game of Scrabble is happening.
We also have a dictionary near the breakfast nook table.

Putting the beads into a jar should be much more comfy on bare feet.

So what are some of the words that have been looked up in this dictionary over dinner?

Most recently, this volume was used to determine the countries bordering Bolivia. It turns out that if Bolivia were in the refrigerator, it would be behind Peru and Chile.

And, MrsDoF, putting the beads into the jar is one thing - having them STAY there is another matter entirely. (Ow.) Or, why I wear shoes inside.

Elizabeth, thanks so much for the computer games you recommended! I gave all the information to my daughter and she's looking forward to checking this out.

You look like you have a gigantic dictionary. I'd love one of these!



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