You would think that a bunch of daffodils bought at the supermarket would open. These went straight from bud to wilt.


Its so disappointing when that happens, and it always seems to happen. I think that daffodils are happier in numbers, on the hills where poets wander'd lonely as a cloud.

yes, it is so difficult to trick spring.

Still, love your wilting lily, no daffodil.

but the drawing is wonderful... the wilted flowers still seem to be inspiring. ;)

It's beautiful anyway - I love your technique on this one.

wow. even so, what presence!

That's so sad...were they Trader Joe's daffs, by any chance? I think they must gas them--or something.

Thank you all.

They are fun to paint, even if they are not the most cheerful objects in the house.

Jane, I've had reasonably good luck with flowers from our new Trader Joe's. These came from the Giant Eagle Supermarket (a local chain).



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