Inspired by the most recent study over at the Daily Painted Egg, here is my right index finger, painted from life, slightly larger than life-sized.


I'm impressed - and thanks for sending me over to the Daily Egg - great site! I'm still trying to get the baby in my picture to look like a baby (husband say no - I think because it's all abstracted a bit, the suggestion of baby is actually there instead of grapefruit, which is where is was yesterday. So I'm going to leave it alone before it gets overworked).

Dear Mrs. Perry,

thank you for the compliment of taking my painting as an inspiration of your work!

Recently I discovered, that you added my blog to your blogroll (which I did likewise). So I became a bit familiar with your work.
I think you do a great job!

Sehr sehr schön!!

Thank you very much, and please do continue !


Gerd Brunzema



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