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Left on the coffee table late in the evening.


ok, this time "yuck" looks like the proper response.

Hello, Elizabeth. I have been enjoying your blog for some time now, for both your artwork and accompanying writing.
Throughout 2006 I have been part of a group "drawing a day" project.
We comprise amateur and professional people, all linked by a love of drawing.
Last week, I sent the coordinator a link to your archives site as I'm sure many will find your notes on materials helpful.
Perhaps I should have told you first! My enthusiasm tends to ignore such braking mechanisms! But thank you for a wonderful read.I will continue to visit.

Ha, yes Tami, they do look fierce, don't they?

And Dinah, thank you so much! I got a lovely email from your Drawing a Day project leader - Adele? - and wondered who could have made the connection. Wonderful to know that so many people are drawing - will you continue next year? Do you blog your drawings as you go along?

Hello! Yes, that was me and Adele is our guiding hand. She is also a fantastic maker of artist books(I'll find a link somewhere and come back with it another day)and great fun.
I have just read with huge surprise that you are "new" to drawing!
I'm planning to keep going in '07.I don't have a scanner now and really need a better digital camera, but hope to address one or both problems at the duty free shop in Feb!
Thankyou for such viewer-friendly drawings. Luck, fun and success to you in '07.



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