tangerine sections and peel (day 730)



Yesterday's painting involved so many layers of paint and color that parts of it ghosted through to the other side of the page, forming the basis for this day's drawing. I love the way drawing teaches me new techniques and new ways of seeing all the time.

Anniversary note: before December 28, 2004, I did not draw at all. I took photographs and wished I could draw, but I had not really tried to draw anything since middle school. Today marks two years of drawing every day for me. Every drawing has been posted to this website. I'd like to thank all of you who come to visit - some of you leave comments and I get to know you, some of you are more quiet and I know you only by the name of your home city in my server statistics - but your visits and thoughts and comments are heartening beyond all measure. Thank you for visiting, thank you for returning, thank you for linking to me and for sending me thoughts and words of encouragement. I wish you all the very best in your endeavors in the coming year - I plan to keep on drawing, and see what happens!


Liz Happy 2nd anniversary! I've enjoyed checking in to share your thoughts and art almost since you started the daily sketching. I initially found you from the link on the MF site then sat next to you at the book making workshop there. My 10 yr. old and I have also started drawing daily AND we have been making the no-knead bread DAILY because of you. THANKS : > )


Thank you for drawing. Keep it up.

smiles, jen ;o)

you absolute champion you.
thank you for sharing that ~
and thank you for sharing all of it!

what a delight to find out this is a new discovery of creativity for you!

blessed be,

I recetnly discovered this website through a link from another and now I come every day to see what you have drawn. I love your drawings and they giv eme hope that one day I too could draw, but tell me did you ever consult any book about technique of anything. Thank you for taking the time to share these.

It's funny we arrive at certain places - in our lives, as well as on the internet. I don't know how I found you but I've been dropping by for a couple of months now, inspired by your daily creations. I'm on the edge of starting drawing myself - still held back by my what-ifs and not knowing just where to start. Although, if there's anything I have learnt is to stop thinking about it and just to do it.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I look forward to sharing in more of your work in 2007.

I’m one of the quiet ones you talk about. This arises out of a reluctance to write down all the “how marvellous, wonderful, imagine that, ha!, how lovely, etc.” that rushes through my brain each day when I look at your blog. I’ve always though comments should not just be praise or criticism, but a rounded intelligent exchange; what I think about your drawings falls into the simple praise and admiration category… thus the quietness. Your drawings bring light into my days and I wish to thank you for sharing them with others.

Elizabeth: I check every single day. I don't always comment, but I'm always glad to see what you have drawn, and what space you have left white, and your steadfastness toward your art inspires me in mine. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Wow, only two years? Congrats, and well done!

Happy Anniversary!
I enjoy your blog so much - it is beautiful and inspiring.
I can't say exactly how long I have been dropping in, but I look forward to it daily. I keep telling myself that I am going to draw everyday too!!! Maybe 2007 is the year. Thanks for the inspiration, and Happy New Year.

Hooray for you! Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to share your experiences.

Really big thanks for encouraging me (and others) to draw. I'm so pleased to know you.

Happy Blog Anniversary!
I found you through Chookooloonks, a fine photographer, and I've been reading since last Spring.

An Inspiration is what you are, and Thanks for showing your work to us.

Congratulations from another "quiet one". I love visiting your dailies - and adore your compositions - the white space left behind, and the way the drawings fall off the page, sometimes. I'm looking forward to watching you for another year - thanks for the inspiration.

I just discovered your blog via your comment on My Marrakesh and I just love it.

I wonder if you've seen this?


I just discovered it this week as well.

Keep drawing and blogging! I'll drop by and check in to see what neat things you've done. I'm in awe because I can hardly draw a stick person.

Liz, I, too, accomplished something in 2004 that I never thought I could do, but changed that myth by going forword for four years to complete a PhD. You do not get anywhere by good intentions, but rather by doing as you attest. I started a blog in June because I wanted to learn how to be a blogger. And now you inspire me to begin drawing as well.

Thanks for your inclusion on the great graphic of the z-list.

Thank you all, again!

Sharon, you are making the bread? Wow. (I haven't gotten beyond the book-marking stage... though my husband and son have been baking.)

Cheryl, I have found many helpful books along the way - some of them are in my entry on materials: http://www.elizabethperry.com/woolgathering/archives/001484.html
- but let me get myself organized in the new year, and I will make a helpful books list post. Thanks for a great idea!

Pearl, I LOVE Maira Kalman. Her work has been a major inspiration in my life - in fact, Max Makes a Million should probably be on my "helpful books" list.

Robyn, congratulations on the Ph.D! That can be a long road, I know.

And to everyone who would like to draw, just pick up a felt tip or ball point pen, and draw something now - the light switch or your coffee mug - why not? Use the back of a envelope or a corner of the newspaper. Don't worry about how it looks, and don't feel as if you need to show it to anyone, but give yourself permission to sit still and look and fool around. Let yourself do it again tomorrow. The rewards are amazing, and they are out there for you...

Happy New Year!

Wow -- I didn't realize that you've only been drawing for two years. WOW! I'm one of the quiet ones -- at least most of the time. And I'm remembering an orange bowl on a mantel(?I think?) that you did that still makes me sigh ... Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment!

Liz, I loved that part about giving my self permission to sit still and fool around. Too many of us aren't that good to ourselves. I'm doing it!



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