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Rising or setting, this brings with it best wishes for a creative and happy 2007.

(Sidebar browsers - I've updated my blogrolls a bit, with more updates to come. Suggestions always welcome - leave link ideas in the comments, or email them to me. Thanks! )


Happy New Year, Elizabeth!

I lurk every day, rarely comment -- but I have to say your blog is one of my daily pleasures. Thanks for making each day just a bit better.

Here's hoping 2007 is all you hope it to be!


Thank you for the well wishes and the same , with variations to you. What a year! I hadnt realised that like me you hadnt painted or drawn for long. have you looked at my real sketching blog? http// Most of my drawing is now going there. Hope you have a wonderful 2007. Penny

I love that you drew that apple in the corner and that it occupies its space so beautifully. I don't have an eye for that in my own drawings, and can really appreciate it when I see it in others (I tend to clutter my space). thanks for adding Women, Art Life in your Side Bar! You can count on my visiting here regularly now that I've found you. Gave you a shout out today, too.
Happy New Year - Here's to new friends in the blogsphere!

Yet again, another brilliant composition. And great colors. I get your paintings every day in my e-mail and it's always a reason to smile -- they are clever and beautiful. Happy new year, Elizabeth.


What a beautiful blog! What a diversity. Great!

Dear Elizabeth Perry!

I´d like to suggest for your blogroll update to take a look at

It is a kind of tutorial blog on egg tempera. Right now that guy is explaining painting clouds.
He has sometimes pretty weired texts relating to the paintings, but it´s funny quite often and I lerant a lot.

It´s both in german and english whitch makes it a bit confused. But still, as I think, a good blog on painting.

I hope you like it! In any case, I´d be interested in your opinion.



Thank you all - Karen, Penny, Tammy, France, and Jens.

Jens, I've been reading The Daily Painted Egg with delight for some time - and thought it was in my sidebar already! Oops. It is now. I love how it shows step-by-step projects over time, love the dual languages (though I don't read German, alas) and love the way it combines a poetic or impressionistic response to the work with helpful technical information. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for a great suggestion!

I'm so glad I found your blog--it's absolutely beautiful. I actually found you via the Z-List--you posted the list on your blog, and my blog, eSoup, is on the list, and I saw you linking to me and decided to come over and take a peak at what you were up to.

And I'm so glad I did. Ok, I'm officially making woolgathering one of my favorite blogs! Gorgeous drawings and paintings. (And a belated thank you for posting the Z-List):-)




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