clementine section



A bright taste on the shortest darkest day in our hemisphere. After you've peeled it and can smell the peel on your fingernails, try to leave one of the sections in the air for a few minutes before eating it. In the dry air of our house the outer membrane of the section will become slightly crisp. It fractures at the slightest pressure against the roof of your mouth and the juice and flavor and texture are light and sweet and sudden. (I think M.F.K. Fisher wrote about this - or was it megnut? - or am I imagining that one of them did?)


It glows with light -- and with juiciness. This drawing made my mouth water.

MFK Fisher had a story with placing clementine slices on a windowsill covered with snow... can't remember which book it's from... but now I want to read her again!

Caren, that's it. Thank you.



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