spent chrysanthemum



Trying to continue in a looser style. White china marker and gouache.


Wow--again. just gorgeous--more more more!!!
(And I might have to go buy a china marker--can you provide details? I am not sure what I would be looking for...wax based?)

Interesting combination of medias. Beautiful finished product though!

Thanks. The china marker is called just that at art stores. (Think maybe I got mine at the Utrecht in San Francisco...) It is the kind of pencil where you pull the annoying little string which never quite works (until a child pulls it and then suddenly it works WAY too well) and then you peel away one layer of the coiled paper wrapper to reveal another eighth of an inch of waxy center. It resists water-based media. You can generally find them in white and black and sometimes an orangey red. I like white for the resist effect.

Thanks for the information on the china marker I was going to ask as well. I'm so impressed with your art work, it's lovely yet it's got character and personality. I'm just in awe, thanks for sharing and consider yourself bookmarked :)



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