The conference at Carnegie Mellon on Technology in the Arts began today, and while I didn't document it as thoroughly as Beth Canter (who live blogged, vlogged, and flickred the day), when the keynote ended early I had a few moments to sit under the arched entrance and look out at the sky (and trees and traffic lights) and sketch the view. Don Marinelli had just been talking about pictures as portals, so I leave it to you to imagine the cool damp evening, the sound of traffic and out-of-towners wondering about taxicabs, and the smell of cigarettes which lingers outside of any smoke-free building.


As always, I seem to be moved by your night drawings; this is no exception. Beautiful.

I'm loving your sketches! I was so happy to run into you there - I didn't expect to see another blogher and it was nice to connect again. Keep you the great work.

Do you allow people to blog your sketches?


Great to see you there, too, Beth. And feel free to blog the sketches, any time - that would be wonderful.

I'd like to make a music video with them!

WOW. Can't wait to see it.



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