paper cup telephone



My daughter has made a paper cup telephone system. It works about as well as these ever do... whenever the yarn is pulled taut enough for good reception, it is moments away from pulling through the hole in the bottom of the cup.

I am not sure of the exact purpose of the small flowerpots she has nested with them. Perhaps when the phone is in stand-by mode you can hang up your receiver by putting it down on an upside-down pot?


Elizabeth ... a great run of sketches, as usual, but I'm really writing to tell you that I read your comments on Danny G's site - about the watercolor Moleskine book - and laughed out loud in recognition. I had the exact same "irrationally upset" reaction to the darned perforation. In my experience, perforated paper just wants to break loose. I also dislike the shape of the book, since I, too, like the freedom of a two-page spread. And even if I were inclined to draw across the perforations (highly unlikely), I would have to really dedicate myself to extreme horizontals. In any case, from what I can see of your homemade wc sketchbooks, they're great.

Thanks, Karen. They have been fun to make, too.

Here's a tip for your daughter: try using plastic yoghurt pots instead! They're sturdier. :)



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