Remember those looms for making potholders? You can still get them. The kit we bought came with enough loops to make 5 potholders.


Those loops bring back lots of memories from my childhood. This summer we bought a bag and tied them on our flip-flops. The picture is posted on my blog under August, Flip-Flops if you care to see it.

I check out your blog every morning. I love the simplicity and wonderful compositions. Thanks for sharing them - they are beautifully done.

Oh, thanks, Catherine.

I went to look at the flip-flops - looks like a lot of fun. Think we'll introduce the idea to Pittsburgh and the New England cousins next summer!

(And I love the rest of your site, too - what a treat to visit this morning...)

Doesn't the seam in the middle of your drawings get to you?

Your drawings are good, The white line weakens your composition.

Just one fool's opinion.

Thanks for asking, Shanti. Sometimes the seam bothers me, and sometimes I ignore it, and sometimes I try to incorporate it into the composition. I have begun to work on un-seamed paper - loose sheets - for a series of drawings of Pittsburgh I'm doing each Monday at http://www.clusterflock.org/elizabeth_perry/ and it will be interesting to see how or whether my work changes in that series.

But since my sketchbooks are about the whole book-like feeling, I just work with the page spread as it comes - sometimes the seam even has color bled through from a painting I've done earlier... all part of the process of learning for me.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I didn't know you lived so far away. Is it cold there yet?

We've had no killing frost yet, and it was gorgeous this weekend: blue skies and 70s. But it gets dark sooner, and the leaves are beginning to turn...



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