tomato, sliced

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Tomato slice on a wooden footstool. When I saw this footstool at a flea market in Massachusetts, I first assumed that it had six or eight sides, and it was not until I counted them that I realized that there were seven. The carpenter got it almost right - one side is slightly out of balance. The irregularity makes the piece even more appealing; your eye keeps moving, trying to make the angles come out even.

Why is the tomato on the footstool? I wanted to be able to look down on it, and I liked the dark background. (The slice is the last one, from the end, so the skin is against the wooden surface. No juice or seeds were spilled. Not that that would stop me when no one is awake to object.)

1 Comment

The colors and the diagonial lines from the grain in the footstool make a very nice back ground. Had to chuckle at your willfulness while all are sleeping...



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