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A collection of my sketchbooks, entitled "selected days 2006: images from a year in progress" will be on view at the Show Here Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh, 945 Liberty Avenue. The opening will be tomorrow night, as part of a larger Cultural District Gallery Crawl from 5:30 to 9:00. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. (And if you're not in the neighborhood, but would like a postcard, drop me an email: mail [at-sign] elizabethperry [dot] com and I'll send one along!)


Elizabeth, I missed this post, this is just way too cool! I am so happy for you! I wish I was in the area, I would love to stop by, being such a great fan of your artwork.

Hi Elizabeth,

I am curious if the pictures are all in separate notebooks or if you reproduced them in order to exhibit them. Does that make sense?

I am keeping a similar notebook and I've been curious how to exhibit from the books.


Thanks, Tami.

Susan, I put each notebook itself into an 8" x 10" lucite box frame, with a piece of black foam core behind it. Each box hangs fine from a pair of small nails in the wall - or would hang that way if the wall weren't made of cement! They are instead hung on wires from an aluminum hanging rail about 15 ' up, which is slightly less satisfactory, as they tend to lean out from the wall. Exhibiting the books themselves limits me to one image per sketchbook, though, and that is something to consider if you have several favorites in a given volume.



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