telephone wires, dusk



The sky kept changing as the wind blew, and the light faded away. I drew this from the porch, happy that the heat wave seems to have passed on. Found the old Bill Staines song running through my head, the one about singing out loud on the telephone wire...


Very fun seeing your blog. I thought blogging about food was a lot of work (plan, buy food, cook, photograph, clean up, blog) but this must take a lot of time too. I'm impressed.

Interesting perspective, but yours always are! Tones in the clouds look like something is building.

Nicely done!

When I see this I am transported back to my childhood...watching the telephone poles go by on the long drive with my family to visit my grandparents. I can hear 70's music playing on the 8-track. I can see our now long deceased puppy perched on Mom's knees to peer over the dashboard. I can remember the games we used to play to pass the time. Thank you.

Elizabeth, this is a very captivating point of view. I like seeing the juxtaposition of the manmade with the natural ...

Thank you all.

I hadn't thought of watching the poles go by from the back seat of the car, Osquer, but I remember that as well. And as it happens, today's picture was made during our vacation trip. The back seat played the alphabet game, and the animal game, and the boys tried to teach their little sister Pig Latin. Times change, though: I am now the mother sitting in front, and the music comes from an iPod plugged into the cassette adapter. And no dog yet, although our youngest is lobbying...



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