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View across Ipswich Bay on a clear morning. I noticed this particular hillside because new contact lenses have brought distant views into focus for me. I'm fascinated by the way details now resolve. (The downside of these lenses: I need reading glasses for laptop and newspapers... rites of passage.)


I think I know where you're staying on your vacation. I know that hill from our trips up the Annisquam River in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The hill was used for filming The Crucible with Daniel Day Lewis (
It's called a drumlin and is smooth because it was rounded over by the glacier that once melted at this point.
Hope you enjoy the time with us.

We learned about drumlins in eighth grade earth science - but I never realized that this hill was one of them. Neat-o.

(My parents live in Annisquam, so the bay view has long been a familiar one to me... it is wonderful to be here.)

i still remember the first day of wearing glasses. We went to the eyeglass doctor in Sears, i walked out of the dim office into a bright store and colors were popping out everywhere. i'm in the same boat you are now, but i wear gradated bifocals. it's heck on the neck at the computer. i love the hill you can see. thanks for sharing.



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