My zori - just where I kicked them off tonight. I remember when I was little I'd get a new pair at the beginning of the summer, and by mid-summer they'd be dented in just the right places by my feet, and the challenge would be to see if they'd last the summer before one of the stoppers pulled through the sole. These aren't dented yet, but are already comfortable. I got them for myself this spring in Hilo, so I should probably be calling them slippers, but they were zori when I was small, so they are zori to me still.


Zori? To me they're thongs. :-)

And here in the UK we call them flip-flops :)

And we intentionally got hot tar on the bottoms, because when we saw a tar-patched street, we had to pop the tar bubbles.

Mmm. I'd forgotten that. We used to get in trouble for getting tar on our feet, too, because one small patch in the road near our house would be warm and soft and you couldn't resist poking it with your big toe - just to wrinkle the surface and move it around a bit.

I called them zoris throughout my childhood, and the first thing I thought when I saw this was, "Look! Someone else calls them zoris!" After I got laughed at a few times in college, I started calling them flip-flops like everyone else. This is a great drawing. It makes me smile.



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