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I can't remember how it felt to cool off in the city pool this afternoon - the humidity has settled upon us again, and the fan just moves the heat around. We have a few nights each year where the heat just stays and stays with us. This is one of them.


Hi there! You don't know me, but someone linked me here a few days ago, and I love your pictures, and it's a great blog:)

I made an rss feed to livejournal, which a few people have joined, and I meant to tell you about yes, because I assume it's probably quite nice to konw where you're being read and such:) It's lovely having one of your pictures come up on my friends page every day. I love how different they can be from day to day, and the way they are pictured in the book really appeals to me.

Anyway, I'm actually mostly here because some friends and I were sort of inspired by all this daily art to set up a community, National Art Making Month, it's over on livejournal again,

where we're each going to try to make a piece of art every day for a month. I just wanted to say thank you, really, and to let you know in case you stumbled across it some time in the future and found yourself a bit surprised. I've credited you with inspiring it in the userinfo, and yes . . I just wanted to say thanks. And yay! And such:)

Cheers, Jen

Elizabeth thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, seem so strange that you are so hot and we had a frost this morning. I am afraid I am tired and a bit depressed and my sketching at the moment is relecting it. Love what you are doing.

Thanks, Jen - I'm honored. You may want to check out the everyday matters group on Yahoo for further inspiration - is the place to start for that.

Penny - And then we also have the farm and city contrast as well as the season and hemisphere difference. (Our house is on 1/8 of an acre.) I love the way the internet brings actual people together so we can inspire each other to continue to draw in the face of any difficulty.

Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe



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