dark waterlilies



Between two of the hotel buildings is a fishpond with waterlilies in it. After dark tonight I sat, listened to distant hilarity and nearby frogs and fountain. I began with a blind contour drawing of the lily pads, and then added detail and color - all more or less by feel in the dark. After a day full of high-energy and specific technical information, it was restful to think about touching the edges of things with eye, pen, and then to wash over those surfaces with a brush and color.


Found you by surfing through BlogHer related posts via Technorati. I love that you're making art in the midst of all of the conference activity. LOVELY work...and I like the fountain below, too. :)

I love that you are sketching these scenes. Really love it. Woolgathering!!!!! Heh.

Beautiful. The essence of what you saw and felt shines right through this piece. Lovely.



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