Planted by a bird, honeysuckle envelops the arbor and shows signs of believing in manifest destiny as it twines into the rest of the garden. The scent is so glorious - tropical and sweet, and I can't bear to root it out, even though I know that one of these days it will pick up the rest of the wooden fence and toss it into the driveway. I love to sit in the backyard after dark at this time of year and breathe deeply. Not yet too hot to enjoy the space, too dark to see the weeds and discarded plastic toys, a candle and fireflies for light, a glass of wine and good company... now it just has to stop raining for a day.


Your evening sounds idyllic, Elizabeth. Almost wish I was there to share it with you. Love all your sketches and paintings.

That is how I feel when my Star Jasmine and Orange tree are in bloom. The scents of both are delicous!

Simply lovely!

Thank you all. Tami, I can only imagine what it would be like to grow such tropical things...



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