Hawai'i Sketchbook



This is the title page from the Moleskine sketchbook I kept during our school trip to Hawai'i. I've made a slideshow of the pages using Flickr, and you should be able to view it in a new window if you click on the image above.


That was a delightful slide show, Elizabeth. I almost felt like I made the trip with you.

Beautiful--and has that wonderful travel-y feeling of being a constant observer and collector of new sights and sounds. I love how jam packed some pages are and others are simpler. I particularly like your collaged elements around the airport travel--the sky with the picture of delta plane is gorgeous!

Thanks. The Delta plane was a packing tape image transfer which I made during the long flight west. I had the tape in my bag, tore the picture from the inflight magazine (no scissors!), and used the remains of a cup of water to soak off the paper. Very satisfying to do. (I wrote out the how-to instructions later in the sketchbook...)

I came across your drawing of the crysanthimum while googling pictures of flowers. I started looking at all your sketches and i must say that i am impressed. they are beautiful and filled with emotion, then i noticed your "Hawaii Sketchs". being from Hawaii i was naturally interested in seeing what you saw and how you saw it all. I must say your depiction of Hawaii was absolutly gorgeous and well documented. As one artist to another i greatly enjoy your style and talent. Please keep it up and continue posting your work. it is truely a gem.




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